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Diabetes accounts for 15 million work days absent and 120 million work days with reduced performance.

Let's prevent and manage diabetes. It's good for employees and good for business.

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Diabetes is a Common Disease

Diabetes is a common disease, yet every individual needs unique care. We encourage people with diabetes ...

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New Wellness Guidelines Benefit Employees, Companies
04.16.15  New American Heart Association guidelines for wellness plans can help improve the cardiovascular health of the workforce as well as employee recruitment and retention, said Melanie Carvell of Sanford Health's Woman's Health Center in North Dakota. Carvell said health screenings from Sanford's wellness program discovered more than 200 people had prediabetes, which can be reversed with healthy lifestyle changes, and 22 were diagnosed with diabetes and could benefit from disease management programs.

Companies Find Wellness Benefits go Beyond Cost Savings
04.13.15  Cowan Benefits President Matt Cowan, Avenue Bank CEO Ron Samuels and Metro Nashville Public Health Director William Paul told a workplace wellness panel the biggest benefits of employee wellness programs are not always linked to a company's health cost bottom line. "We're going to do it even if it doesn't produce (a return on investment) because I believe a healthy employee is a better employee," Cowan said.

February is American Heart Month
02.20.15  Heart disease is a major complication of diabetes. The CDC Million Heart Campaign provides an opportunity for everyone to join forces in the fight against heart disease and stroke. This year, Million HeartsĀ® is using the opportunity to increase awareness about risks for high blood pressure among African American men. Tools are available at millionhearts.hhs.gov.

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