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Diabetes accounts for 15 million work days absent and 120 million work days with reduced performance.

Let's prevent and manage diabetes. It's good for employees and good for business.

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Diabetes is a Common Disease

Diabetes is a common disease, yet every individual needs unique care. We encourage people with diabetes ...

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Report Rates Federal Agencies on Wellness Efforts
07.27.15  Federal agencies in 2014 did a good job promoting employee vaccinations, occupational health and safety, and smoking cessation, according to an Office of Personnel Management report on 291 work sites at 36 agencies. The most popular wellness initiatives included flu vaccinations, providing external defibrillators, having written policies on tobacco use, and offering lactation rooms for nursing mothers and stress management programs.

Wellness Engagement is More Important Than Participation
07.27.15  Employee participation in wellness programs indicates taking action but engagement means workers are making an investment in their health, says TotalWellness founder Alan Kohll. That difference is important to company wellness programs because participation is all about increasing numbers while engagement is linked to a wellness program's success, he said.

Economic Evaluation of Combined Diet and Physical Activity Promotion in the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
07.21.15  Article Summary - Diet and physical activity promotion programs to prevent type 2 diabetes are cost-effective among persons at increased risk. Costs of these programs both to operate and to the participants are lower when programs are delivered to groups in community or primary care settings. The article was published online July 14, 2015 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Wellness Plan May Help Reduce Presenteeism
07.13.15  Wellness plan may help reduce presenteeism, HR expert says Presenteeism costs U.S. companies billions of dollars each year, but implementing employee wellness programs, changing the corporate culture and using paid leave can help reduce the problem, writes Janet Flewelling of the HR firm Insperity. Wellness programs can help employees focus on their health, and healthy workers are more engaged at work and take fewer sick days, Flewelling said.

New Wellness Guidelines Benefit Employees, Companies
04.16.15  New American Heart Association guidelines for wellness plans can help improve the cardiovascular health of the workforce as well as employee recruitment and retention, said Melanie Carvell of Sanford Health's Woman's Health Center in North Dakota. Carvell said health screenings from Sanford's wellness program discovered more than 200 people had prediabetes, which can be reversed with healthy lifestyle changes, and 22 were diagnosed with diabetes and could benefit from disease management programs.

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