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Employees and Families Affected by Diabetes

The following resources may help you manage your diabetes (or a family member's diabetes), learn to live a healthier lifestyle, and/or reduce your risk for diabetes-related complications.

Choosing A Health Plan

Selecting the best and most appropriate health plan is one of your most important decisions. Read "Choosing a Health Plan" to gain insight into the special benefits and services you should look for when selecting a plan that can help you or a family member better manage diabetes and reduce risk for diabetes-related health problems.

The following fact sheets can help you learn more about managing diabetes while at home, on the worksite or traveling.

[ The publications are available in portable document format (PDF). Follow this link to learn more about PDFs and PDF support for the visually impaired.]

Fact Sheets

Additional Resources

Guide to Medicare's Preventive Services
Patient checklist

"Control Your Diabetes for Life. Tips for Feeling Better and Staying Healthy." This patient education booklet provides an action plan for diabetes control that includes tips on knowing blood sugar levels, reaching blood sugar goals, and maintaining blood sugar control (published 8/98).

"If You Have Diabetes, Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers." This reproducible, black-and-white patient education brochure provides information on measuring blood sugar levels using the A1C test and the finger-stick test (with a blood glucose monitor) (published 8/98, updated 3/00).  (pdf format).

"7 Principles for Controlling Your Diabetes for Life." This easy-to-read brochure for people with diabetes describes the essential components of quality diabetes care in a checklist form. [also available in Spanish]

"Diabetes Numbers at-a-Glance." This quick-reference pocket guide for health care providers lists criteria for diagnosing diabetes and treating people with diabetes (published 12/98, updated 3/00).  (pdf format).

"Take Care of Your Feet for a Lifetime." This illustrated patient booklet provides step-by-step instructions for proper foot care. Includes a tear-off reminder card and a patient "To Do" list. [also available in Spanish]

"Guiding Principles for Diabetes Care." This booklet describes the essential components of quality diabetes care for people with diabetes, their families, health care providers, and insurers. [also available in Spanish]

"Take Charge of Your Diabetes Dictionary " A dictionary of diabetes terms, defining words that are often used when talking or writing about diabetes.  (pdf format).


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