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Small Employer (company with less than 500 employees/retirees)

If you have a smaller company with fewer than 500 employees, you may not think that you have the resources to provide employees (and perhaps retirees) with a health and wellness education program on diabetes. You may also not know if diabetes and its complications are likely to affect your company's bottom line and the overall health and well-being of your employees.

The following resources can help you improve the health of your employees. They are inexpensive to use and can be easily added to a new or current wellness program.

Making a Difference: The Business Community Takes on Diabetes

Making a Difference: The Business Community Takes on Diabetes is a report for business decision-makers. It summarizes the economic and health consequences of diabetes and the benefits of investing in the prevention of diabetes complications. The report also provides a rationale for implementing diabetes-related health promotion activities and includes suggestions for increasing prevention practices at the worksite.

Assessment Tool

There are many chronic medical conditions vying for your company's health care dollar. Use this assessment tool to estimate the potential prevalence and costs associated with diabetes among your employees (and retirees). Making this estimate is a good first step in assessing whether a diabetes education program is appropriate for your company's needs.

Choosing A Health Plan

Selecting the best and most appropriate employee health care plans is one of your company's most important decisions. Read "Choosing a Health Plan" to learn about the special benefits and services health care plans should offer to help members with diabetes better manage their disease and reduce their risk for diabetes-related health problems.

Creating Health Education Programs: Using the Lesson Plans and Fact Sheets

These lesson plans ideally should be presented by a health care provider or wellness coordinator, although knowledgeable supervisors and human resource managers may be able to present some of them. Several of the lessons can be adapted and used with employees who do not have diabetes.

Fact sheets can be easily e-mailed to employees, posted on central bulletin boards, or given as supplemental handouts to employees attending one of the lessons.

To help you get started with your program planning, we have listed suggested lesson plans and fact sheets that can be used for a variety of activities.  These include "lunch-and-learns," 15-minute health briefs during coffee breaks, or even for health tips on general diabetes, cardiovascular risk reduction, improving nutrition, weight control or physical activity.

[ The publications are available in portable document format (PDF). Follow this link to learn more about PDFs and PDF support for the visually impaired.]

General Diabetes Awareness and Promotion

Lesson Plan
Related Fact Sheets

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

Lesson Plans

Nutrition, Weight Control, and Physical Activity

Lesson Plans
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