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Feedback Response Form

The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) aims to raise awareness among corporate leaders and decisionmakers (including health care providers, managed care/benefits managers, health promotion managers, and human resource managers) regarding the need for worksite-based diabetes education programs and activities. We hope has been a good resource tool for you. We would like to hear your comments and suggestions. This form is an opportunity for you to provide NDEP with feedback on the materials and information offered in this Web site.

  1. How did you learn about the NDEP Diabetes Worksite Kit?
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  2. How would you describe your company’s size?

  3. What industry area best describes your company’s work?

  4. Which of the following tools were helpful in your diabetes education program? (Please check all that apply.)

  5. What was the timeframe for using these materials?

  6. Who received the information or materials?
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  7. How was the information distributed?
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Thank you for evaluating the Worksite Kit and completing the Feedback Response Form.

Please let us know what state(s) your company is based in:


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