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Controlling Obesity in the Workplace


About 65 percent of people with diabetes will die from a heart attack or stroke. To learn more, click below:

The Diabetes and Heart Disease Connection

Diabetes can be prevented.

Click here to learn important information about preventing diabetes


Check out the Employer Showcase for successful diabetes prevention and management programs.

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More than 18.2 million Americans have diabetes and many of them are employed in our workforce. Employees with diabetes can be found at all levels of a company — from the field, to the mailroom, to the boardroom. can help businesses and managed care companies to assess the impact of diabetes in the workplace. It also provides easy-to-understand information for employers to help their employees manage their diabetes and take steps toward reducing the risk for diabetes-related complications such as heart disease.

Employees with diabetes or those who have friends and family members with diabetes can also use the many factsheets and resources. will be especially helpful for:

  • Large employers
  • Small business owners
  • Human resources and wellness professionals
  • Occupational health professionals
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) representatives
  • Diabetes educators
  • Managed care wellness and benefit professionals

Making A Difference Book CoverMaking a Difference: The Business Community Takes on Diabetes

This report, developed by the Business and Managed Care Work Group of the National Diabetes Education Program, is a call to action for business leaders to become involved in workplace and community activities to control diabetes-related complications. It provides information on the human and economic impact of diabetes and gives suggestions on how businesses can help employees with diabetes achieve improved glycemic control (published 9/99).

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