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Large Employer (company with over 500 employees)

If you are a manager at a large employer, you may have a diverse employee and retiree population that requires a varied and comprehensive health and wellness program.  Understanding the impact of chronic diseases such as diabetes on your company's bottom line may greatly influence your decision to institute a diabetes education program or enhance health and wellness programs currently offered. Some questions to consider:

  • What is diabetes, and how can it affect my employees and retirees?
  • How do chronic diseases, such as diabetes, affect my business and health care costs?
  • Does my company need to respond to diabetes as a health issue?
  • Is there a need for my employees or retirees to receive diabetes and related health information?
  • Should my company invest in a diabetes education program?

The following resources can help you answer these questions so that you can take steps toward improving the overall health and well-being of your employees and retirees. We also recommend that your human resources manager, benefits manager, or occupational medicine provider browse through the many resources available on to help your company serve personnel with or at risk of diabetes.

Making a Difference: The Business Community Takes on Diabetes

Making a Difference: The Business Community Takes on Diabetes is a report for business decision-makers. It summarizes the economic and health consequences of diabetes and the benefits of investing in the prevention of diabetes complications. The report also provides a rationale for implementing diabetes-related health promotion activities and includes suggestions for increasing prevention practices at the worksite.

Assessment Tool

There are many chronic medical conditions vying for your company's health care dollar. Use this assessment tool to estimate the potential prevalence* and costs associated with diabetes among your employees (and retirees). Making this estimate is a good first step in assessing whether a diabetes education program is appropriate for your company's needs.

Choosing A Health Plan

Selecting the best and most appropriate employee health care plan is one of your company's most important decisions. Read "Choosing a Health Plan" to learn about the special benefits and services health care plans should offer to help members better manage their diabetes.

General Diabetes Fact Sheets

How much do you really know about diabetes and how it affects the body? The following fact sheets can give you a basic understanding of diabetes and its complications.

[ The publications are available in portable document format (PDF). Follow this link to learn more about PDFs and PDF support for the visually impaired.]

Additional Resources

"Take Charge of Your Diabetes Dictionary" A dictionary of diabetes terms defining words that are often used when talking or writing about diabetes.

"Guiding Principles for Diabetes Care" This booklet describes the essential components of quality diabetes care for people with diabetes, their families, health care providers, and insurers. [also available in Spanish]

*The number of cases of a disease existing in a
  given population at a specific period of time.

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