Workplace Accommodations For Individuals With Diabetes

When you have diabetes, your health is always on your mind. But that shouldn’t stop you from going out into the workplace and contributing to society. You have certain workplace accommodations that are mandated by the government to make sure you can focus on your health and continue to perform your work responsibilities.

Examples of common workplace accommodations for those who have diabetes:

  • breaks to do the following:
    • check blood sugar levels
    • eat snacks and/or take medication after checking blood
  • a place to rest while blood sugar levels become normal
  • a place to keep diabetes supplies nearby in case of an emergency
  • medical leave to seek diabetes treatment

These are common examples but some other accommodations might be necessary. For those who take insulin, a proper way to dispose of needles might be required For those who take pills like metformin might need to have their desk moved closer to a bathroom due to some unfortunate side effects.

If you suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes and need accommodations at your workplace the best course of action is to speak with your employer. If they do not accept your request for reasonable accommodations then you might have the right to bring about a discrimination lawsuit against or have an employment attorney fight for your rights to get the requests that you need.