Health And Productivity


Employers Need a New Value Model in Health Care

  • The old cost/quality model is inadequate
    • Cost and quality are not correctly defined
    • As a result, they are not properly measured and managed to produce true value
    • The definitions of cost and quality must be expanded
  • And the measurement of cost and quality must be improved

The New Value Model: Health and Productivity

  • The old model was confined to a medical view of cost and quality
    • Direct medical costs of care
    • Quality defined clinically and by patient satisfaction
  • The new model gets outside the "medical box" to look at the workplace for value
    • The value of health benefits-and health care- for employers is seen in healthy employees who are productive
  • Cost-savings opportunities in the new value model are much larger
    • Medical cost offsets
    • Reduced absence from work
    • Reduced productivity loss while at work
    • Enhanced quality of goods and services
  • Thus employee health becomes a big contributor to business performance
    • No longer just an expense to be controlled
    • But an investment with a return to be gained

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