Healthier Eating at Work
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Controlling Obesity in the Workplace
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Permission and Cost for Using Materials

  • Is written permission needed to distribute copies of materials (e.g., the assessment tools, planning guide, lessons plans, fact sheets)?

    No. All of the materials and information on are copyright-free. Users do not need copyright permission to download, reproduce, or distribute the information and materials.

  • Is there a cost in purchasing copies of materials available on

    No. All of the information and materials on are copyright-free. Therefore, there is no cost in reproducing multiple copies. Users may simply download and print all of the materials on at no charge.

  • Are full-text versions of the references available? If so, how much does it cost to receive a copy?

    Yes. Full-text versions of the references can be easily accessed at your local public library.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' National Diabetes Education Program is jointly sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with the support of more than 200 partner organizations.