What Is Gestational Diabetes And How Is It Treated?

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes get most of the attention, but pregnant women can develop something called “gestational” diabetes due to high blood sugar. This is a serious complication if not controlled, and can lead to a dangerous or difficult birth and subsequent health problems for your newborn. Like any form of diabetes, the patient must do his or her part to control the diabetes in order to have the best prognosis possible. (more…)

Amputation & Diabetes

Most of us can hardly imagine what it’s like to live with an amputated foot, hand, leg, or arm. It’s an unthinkable obstacle in a world that seems to require full mobility, and few of us are aware of how far prosthetics have come to ensure that amputees live life as normally as possible. But it’s a risk that many diabetics know they must endure. How often must diabetics undergo amputation, and why is it done? (more…)